Why does the MAD Grad exist?

A few months ago, I made a terrible decision – I took a job that didn’t inspire me or interest me. The whole time, that magical inner voice that we know all to well screamed this was the wrong path for me, that taking this job would make me unhappy and miserable. I decided to shut it out. I rationalized away my negative visceral reaction by telling myself that this job would payoff in the future, and that I could suffer the short-term consequences of being overworked and unhappy. I realize now this was totally the wrong thing to do. I am no career oracle (actually just the opposite!). In fact, I am still at this job, trying to stick with it and reach some resolution.

MAD Grad is intended to first and foremost help myself get some clarity around my career choices. But more importantly, I hope that it can one day be a resource to help the so many others who are facing job dilemmas find the courage to trust themselves and make choices that are truly consistent with their desires and values.


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